Motorboating Day Out With Huge Boobs @AntonellaKahllo

any plans for the weekend?.. I often spend a day out on a boat with a friend of mine, just fishing and relaxing, and I must say its one of my favorite ways to spend the day.. but I just saw this recent scene @ and this big boobs Latina dream doll gave me a LOT to think about… having her on a boat means taking the “enjoying the view” term to a whole new level.. even the concept of “motorboating” gets a whole new meaning once she pulls out those big juicy naturals, soaking the sun with them and getting those big nipples all hard in the ocean breeze:

don’t forget that Antonella Kahllo has one of the most energetic, friendly and playful characters out there, so when you add that to her fabulous big juicy rack, you have a lethal combo that comes to surface with every single scene she does @ and seeing how much she’s gotten into doing these mouthwatering webcasts, I just hope she’ll start doing regular live webcam shows so I can add her to and enjoy some one-on-one time with her..

BooB ON!!!

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