Starting The Year w/ @Sexy_Lovely_Sam aka Samanta Lily

Big Boobs Samanta Lily


I guess over years I develop somewhat of a tradition to wrap a year and start a new one with a post about one of my all time favorite, our personal big breasts discovery, Sexy_Lovely_Sam aka Samanta Lily.. this babe seriously blew up in 2016, becoming one of the all time favorite big boobs models.. all thanks to her live webcam shows (which we discovered among the first), and her exclusive DIY updates @ and her holiday special added the other day is like a cherry on top of all of it:

or should I have said “charries on top”?!.. either way, make sure you join right now so we make sure Sam keeps making more incredible photos and videos in 2017.. that is definitely one of my biggest and most important wishes for the new year.. oh, and to be lucky to catch her in pvt on webcam on regular basis.. cause with her popularity going through the roof, the days of simply taking her to pvt are numbered.. but seriously, have a great year everyone and may we all get a bit luckier than in 2016!

BooB ON!!!

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