You’re Not Gonna Believe What Goes Down @ DancingBear Parties!

it’s been a while since I blogged about the insane DancingBear parties, but I recently came across of these screenshots and just had to find this scene!.. first there were bunch of these hot babes flirting with these naked strippers, when this sexy brunette in wet look leggings was caught.. the dude was waiving his cock in front of her, and just when I was thinking “WTF is happening with him being so close?!”, the next shot blew my brains out!

and see that whipped cream can he holds?!.. well, let’s just say this dick loving slut didn’t need any deserts that night!.. but as usual with, she was FAR from the only bitch that blew that cock or took a massive cum load in front of her friends.. and Im talking ALL kind of them – young, old, skinny, fat, hot, ugly, you name it!.. plus, this was not the only dude that got his dick sucked by a horde of drunken sluts that night… you just have to see this stuff for yourself to believe!.. I just love it how competitive and “show offy” these bitches get once the masks fall off..

BooB ON!!!


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