Big Boobs Bikini Idol, Hitomi Tanaka, Taking a Bath

I started off this week with a blog about Japanese big boobs pornstar sensation, Hitomi Tanaka, and her dirty girlfriends, so I was very happy when I realized last night that legendary, started off this week with a new pictorial of her.. now, I dont know how many of you know it, but Hitomi started her career as “bikini idol”.. if you’re not familiar with that term, Japanese Bikini Idols are particularly cute and pretty girls, associated with swimsuit modeling, but models may also pose in street clothing, lingerie, or traditional kimonos, and are regularly appearing in mass media…. and being only 5’1″ tall and boasting J-cup tits, she is the most perfect candidate for that title.. anyways, in her newest pictorial, she’s taking off her blue bikini that is barely keeping those massive boobs together, gets fully naked, takes a quick shower before getting all soaped up and slippery in the bathtub, and ending up the session with a glass of red wine.. Im telling you, this girl is a pure perfection:

now, I know that a lot of you are quite annoyed with the way Japanese are censoring videos, but that said, I have to tell you that this pictorial shows you more than you’ve ever seen of Hitomi.. sadly, she does a good job covering some bits with a shampoo foam, but Im gonna be positive and say that I hope this is a 1st step towards something we’ve been all waiting for.. download this entire pictorial @, and you’ll see what I mean…

BooB ON!!!

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